The students of many prestigious colleges under NU protested today to postpone 3rd year final exam.

National University exam - Students protest against 3rd year exam schedule

The 3rd year final exam of 2011-12 session is scheduled to start from 20th January, only 7 months after their 2nd year exam. Most of the students aren’t prepared yet. They couldn’t get enough time for preparation. There have been Eid vacation, Puja and winter vacation in last few months. So they didn’t get enough classes they needed and therefore they couldn’t complete their syllabus.
NU’s students of Chittagong asked NU to postpone final exam for 2 months in the protest in front of Chittagong Press Club. Economics student of Govt. City College Joy Dey said to, “We have just recently finished our test exam . There is not much time for us to prepare ourselves for the final. That’s why we need and we want more time so that we can prepare well for the exam.”
Another student of the same department GM Himel said, “We, Students of all department, have some difficult subjects which can’t be studied in such short time. That’s why we need more time and classes. We hope that NU will postpone the exam for at least 2 months. “

The students of other colleges have also been protesting since the routine was published on 31 December. But there’s no response from National University authority yet.