University of Queensland is one of the top 50 universities in the world. Its campus has its own parkland, lake and sporting grounds- a complete set for clubs and societies.

University of Queensland is a leader in bio-technology, marine science and engineering. It also offers many other curses in English, History, Political Science and Sociology faculties. It has research laboratories, inspiring academics and a campus culture that helps a student in academic debate and discoveries.

Scholarship in Australia at University of Queensland

Courses and Programs

UQ offers a very wide range of courses for international students. Most of the courses are open for study abroad and exchange students. One can apply to any courses he/she wants if his/her country home institution approved them.

Here is the list of programs offered by UQ-

  • Agribusiness, agriculture, Environment and Science,
  • Business, Economics and Law
  • Engineer, Architecture and Planning, and Information and Technology
  • Health, Humanities, Music, Education and Psychology


There are six faculties at the University of Queensland. They are-

Within each faculty, there are various schools and Centers which provide theoretical and research study.

How to Apply

To find your course, follow these simple steps

  • go to and search for your course
  • Click on your desire course to know details about it. Details such as- Graduate or Undergraduate, on which campus it is offered and which semester it is offered
  • If the curse is pre-approved for Study Abroad, students won’t need any special permission from UQ to enroll in the course. But is its not pre-approved, students will have to met prerequisites to enroll in the course.


A student need meet these following requirements to apply for any course at University of Queensland

  • A student must have completed at least one full-time year of study at an accredited university
  • A student must be currently enrolled at an accredited university
  • A student must hold average to above-average results in university studies to date
  • A student must meet UQ’s English Language Proficiency requirements
  • A student must meet specific course prerequisites for admission into certain courses.

Current Offer

International Scholarship for advanced Students:

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