Walton First Inter-Shaheen Hockey Tournament Champion BAF Shaheen College, Dhaka. Final match held between BAF Shaheen College, Dhaka and BAF Shaheen College, kurmitola.

Walton First Inter-Shaheen Hockey Tournament 2015 began with the cooperation of the renowned electrical, electronics, automobiles and home appliance manufacturers company Walton and BAF Shaheen College, Dhaka.

The five day tournament has been over throughout the final match on Thursday, Ocotober 15.

BAF Shaheen College, Dhaka became champion by defeating kurmitola by 3-1 on Thursday at the final competition.

Bangladesh Air Force senior officers, the college principal, teachers and many more were present on the price giving occasion.

Total 7 team were participated in the tournament of the country. The teams are: BAF Shaheen College Dhaka, BAF Shaheen College-Kurmitola, BAF Shaheen College Jessore, BAF Shaheen College Paharkanchanpur-Tangail, BAF Shaheen School Shamshernagar Sylhet , BAF Shaheen English Medium School and BAF Shaheen College, Chittagong .